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Groom Ninja

Have you tried the Groom Ninja?  Do you have an animal that sheds?  Maybe a horse or pony, a dog, cat, or rabbit?  This is a must have tool!  Absolutely.  Why?  It is the one tool that Cleans, Grooms and Sheds with ease.  Unlike a curry comb or brush, there is not a way for the hair to get stuck in the tool.  So you don't have to stop to clean it.  We have a mobile store.  People come up to our display to look at all the great clothing painted by artist Judy Watson.  Many times they will bring their dog or horse over to see all the great products we have to offer.  We always ask them if they have tried the Groom Ninja.  Many have not so we hand them a demo to try.  Nine times out of ten they buy it, because it works so well! Even on dogs with sensitive skin! They love it!  They flop down on their backs and want their tummys done.  I am not kidding!It comes in three sizes.  Small which is great for small animals like rabbits, cats, and small dogs.  Medium which is great for large dogs and ponies.  Large is good for horses and saddle pads. Saddle pads??  Oh yes!!  cleans them right up!  No more hair.  Also works well on carpet and car interior. 

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